Engineering Geology Geotechnical Engineering

Practical, creative, and innovative solutions to challenging engineering issues and complex geologic conditions.

supporting residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects in northern california

We have decades of combined experience working on several thousand residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects in Northern California with project files that date back to the early 1980's.

Our clients receive quality service, no matter how large or small the project may be.

We are here to help you accomplish your project goals.

Geological Services

The engineering geology profession focuses on the genesis of earth material and its potential to impact engineered structures. Dynamic earth processes can pose a risk to engineered structures.

We identify geologic hazards and advise on appropriate mitigation measures to be considered in the design and construction of engineered structures.

Geotechnical Services

The geotechnical engineering profession focuses on structural foundations interaction with earth material. Structures can be designed to mitigate the risks posed by dynamic earth processes.

We provide geotechnical services to facilitate building on soil and/or rock in geologically sensitive areas.

Support Services

We provide geologic and/or geotechnical engineering services to assist owners, lawyers, buyers, developers, and other professionals and aid their analysis or decision making process with respect to geologic or geotechnical site conditions.

“February 2022 - We congratulate Mr. Kirby Kiefer, our project geologist on his 5 year anniversary. He is a knowledgeable and valuable asset to the team!"

“Generally, I only make professional introductions to professionals that I have worked with for some time, have had positive experiences with, and whom I trust completely.

So, to you – I hope there are many projects in all of our futures together!!”